Whistleblower exposes election data firm's shocking transfer of sensitive Information to China.

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"Shocking Allegations: Konnech Inc. accused of transferring American poll workers' data to China"

Election Scandal: Former employee reveals Konnech Inc.'s alleged transfer of sensitive information to China

In a shocking turn of events, former employee of Konnech Inc, Grant Bradley, has come forward with explosive allegations that the election data firm, run by its founder Eugene Yu Konnech, transferred sensitive information of American poll workers to China. This revelation has sparked a firestorm of controversy and raised serious questions about the integrity of the American electoral process.

According to Bradley's complaint, he states that he "worked with the Chinese programmers on a daily basis," and that he "witnessed customer's data (specifically poll watcher information) being made accessible to foreign nationals from China." When he raised concerns about foreign nationals having access to the data, Bradley alleges that his supervisors said that "everyone [other software companies like Microsoft and Apple] was doing it."

This news has not only put Konnech and its founder Eugene Yu under the spotlight, but also the FBI's involvement in the investigation and the decision of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office to drop its criminal case against Konnech's founder. Bradley's lawsuit also includes allegations that his reputation was ruined as a result of Konnech's illegal storing of data on servers in China.

The lawsuit filed by Bradley is not the only indication of potential wrongdoing at Konnech. In August of 2022, True the Vote, an organization that works to ensure election integrity, released a series of podcasts in which its founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, and a former board member, Gregg Phillips, claimed to be assisting the FBI in exposing Konnech's use of a server in China to store election workers' personal identifying information.

These allegations, if proven true, would have serious implications for the integrity of the American electoral process. The transferring of sensitive information of American poll workers to a foreign country, particularly one with a history of interference in American politics, would be a grave threat to the security of American democracy. The fact that the FBI and L.A. D.A's were involved in the investigation of Konnech, and that the L.A. D.A's decided to drop the criminal charges against Yu, raises serious questions about the efficacy of these institutions in protecting the American electoral process.

The allegations made by Bradley and True the Vote add to a growing concern of foreign interference in American elections. With the 2020 Presidential election looming, it is crucial that swift action is taken to ensure the integrity and security of the American electoral process. It is time for the truth to be uncovered and for those responsible to be held accountable.

It is imperative that the allegations made by Bradley and True the Vote are thoroughly investigated and that any wrongdoing is brought to light. The trust of the American people in the electoral process and the institutions that protect it, must be maintained.

The potential transfer of sensitive information of American poll workers to a foreign country, and the possibility of foreign interference in American elections, is a serious matter that cannot be taken lightly. The FBI and L.A D.A's must take swift action to ensure that the truth is uncovered and that those responsible are held accountable.

The future of American democracy is at stake, and it is our duty as citizens to ensure its integrity and security.